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13 must do things in Mykonos

Marie Lozano

13 things to do in Mykonos (Mykonos…Yeah!)

Mykonos… Yeah! This will forever be how I will call this amazing party island in the Cyclades of Greece. I heard it first arriving in one of the hip clubs in Mykonos called Jackie O. As soon as I entered, I heard the words “Mykonos… Yeaaaahhh!” amplified though a microphone in the beachside club. I then squeezed my way into the crowd to see two towering drag queens in fabulous outfits getting the crowd excited for the night’s party. It was only a bit past sunset, and the crowd (one of the most fun I have ever seen) was pumped with adrenaline ready to dance the night away. This was one of the many experiences that I had in Mykonos that left a mark, and I smile whenever I think of the place.

This is only my second time in this cosmopolitan island but I dared to make a list of must do things in Mykonos that you won’t typically find in travel books. Many of these are also recommendations from my Greek family and friends. I had so much fun doing the things on this list so I hope you will too!

1.     Rent a Villa

It would be great if you find one with a stunning view, but if you don’t you will still thank me for your uninterrupted sleep in this crazy party island. Most villas are located in the quiet sides of the Mykonos. If you would like to learn from my mistake(s), avoid the peak month of August unless you are prepared to sell a kidney to stay in one of these villas. Prices go up to four times (or more) the regular rates during the peak season. I rented a villa in Psarou from Airbnb. It is on a cliff and has a breathtaking view of Nammos beach. 

2.     Get lost in the maze-like streets

Leave your map & compass at home and turn off google maps because one of the best ways to experience the old town of Mykonos is to get lost in the labyrinth streets. The story is that these narrow cobbled streets were made to confuse pirates. No cars are allowed in the old town so you’ll feel as though you went back in time. Everything is picturesque, from the whitewashed houses to the flowered balconies and the different colored doors. Make sure you bring your Euros or credit card with you. Shopping while being lost is an exhilarating experience. It is also a good idea to purchase what you like when you see it because you will probably have a hard time finding the store again.

3.     Find Petros the pelican

A big celebrity in Mykonos, Petros the pelican is considered the mascot of Mykonos. I hear there are actually three pelicans running around the island, but only one is named Petros. Ask the locals if they’ve spotted Petros and you’ll hear the most interesting answers.

4.     Eat in Nikos Taverna

The best mussels saganaki I have ever had in my life! This famous tavern that serves traditional dishes can get quite busy during the summer months so prepare to wait in line or better yet call for reservations (00 30 22890 24320)

5.     Eat at Pepper

Want cheap but good food? This place is reasonable considering the over the top prices of food and drinks in Mykonos. They serve pretty good (Greekified) burgers, souvlaki, gyros and salads. Owned by chatty 4th generation Greek-Filipinos (or so they tell me). I feel right at home in this place!

6. Rent an  ATV

If you are not too keen on public transportation you will need a car or a motorcycle/moped to get around the island. I suggest you make it more fun and rent an ATV. Note that there are only 30 taxis on the island, and during summer it can take hours waiting for a ride; unless the bus is your thing.

7.     Watch the sunset at Caprice

Named one of the 10 best bars in the world by Newsweek, Caprice is the place to be if you want to watch the sunset in Mykonos town. This sea side bar is in a prime location where you can watch the sunset on little Venice and also see one of Mykonos’ famous landmarks, the windmills.


8. Go Sailing 

I actually suggest you go sailing anywhere in Greece so this “must do” is something you’ll see me repeat on any other list about Greece.

9.     Lounge in Nammos

This is the place to see and be seen.  Located in Psarou beach, you can enjoy lobster and cocktails while celebrity spotting in the most comfortable lounge chairs. Lindsay Lohan was there during my visit but who cares right? Well, I did.

10. Go to nude beach

I was told the nude beaches in Mykonos are not the same as before. They say the scene has become fairly sedated from how it used to be. So before it becomes extinct you may want to add this to your list. Paradise and Super Paradise both have nudist areas (and have been known for that)

11.     Go to Ornos beach

The opposite of the party beaches of Mykonos, this fairly quiet beach is where families go to relax in the island.

12.     Hang out in Jackie O

Not to be confused with the original Jackie O in Mykonos town (although they have the same owner). This chic new beach club just opened in 2013 and is the go to destination for gay tourists. Besides the beautiful design and interiors, the place offers really good food. You can dine at the modern Mediterranean restaurant, lounge at the pool or beach the whole afternoon, and enjoy the shows.. and then of course party the night away!

13.     Party till the sun comes up

This is hitting two birds with one stone as you have to party at least once in Mykonos but you should also see the breathtaking sunrise in the island!